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Secure payments on the Internet at SKLZ-Training

There are many types of payment methods on the Internet. You always pay at us from a secure environment. We are with our new shop in 2015 switched to Multisafepay.

Safe and pay directly on the Internet. iDEAL is the digital payment standard. All the major Dutch banks take part. As a consumer, you pay your internet purchases online in the familiar online banking environment. iDEAL equals digital pins: the payment is immediately debited from your account to the account of the store. Delivery times will be shortened by the direct payment method. iDEAL is just as secure as online banking. This new payment method recognized by the special vignette. This vignette can be found in the information store. Look here for an overview of the shops affiliated with VERGELIJK.NL where you can pay by card or check for more information on the site of iDEAL.

Credit cards
Secure payment with your credit card if:
• https in the browser state instead of http;
• there is a padlock at bottom right of the screen.

Buy with a credit card is a very quick way to pay online. If you wish to pay by credit card it is important to know if the credit card details are sent via a secure connection. With the SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) or SET encryption (Secure Electronic Transactions) you secure the personal information from abuse by third parties. When you encounter this option on a website, then you know you are using a secure server. The SSL system uses a 40-bit code and is one of the safest standard encodings in the Netherlands. In some cases, the transfer of data via SSL is not possible: computer and Internet configurations can block access to the SSL server (eg, Provider, Firewalls, etc.). Therefore, there is the ability to send data unsecured. However, this is not recommended. Or the payment traffic is secured with SSL see the padlock at the bottom right of the menu bar of the browser to the address at the top. A secure page instead of "http" address "https" (the "s" stands for "secure"). In addition, you usually get a message that you use SSL or SET or you will be redirected to the secure server. You pay with your credit card on the Internet, his Dutch Internet shops are required to ask for the CVC code. This is an extra security check.
In addition to the SSL site security to protect the data on the Internet, the credit card company also provides security: ensuring the most credit card companies such as Visa and Mastercard (automatically) all your purchases and that also applies to purchases on the Internet. And the company can reverse the transaction if there is not provided.
To pay by credit card even more secure, working both Visa and MasterCard to develop a system for Internet transactions, which is comparable with online banking. Use is made of an encoding system. The payment will be protected by a changing series of numbers.

Internet Banking
Secure payment via your own online bank account. A payment for people who have an internet account. When you choose this option, you will be either directly routed to your couch (Rabobank for example) or you will receive an e-mail will be emailed to the payment details, then you can pay online in the usual way. At one bank, the payment is protected by your electronic signature that you will receive by SMS; have at another bank does the electronic signature via a separate device that you have in your possession (eg Rabobank). The payment result follows immediately. A successful payment is attached both to you and to the internet retailer, this fast delivery can proceed. Examples of internet banking: Rabo Direct Payment, Girotel, ABN AMRO Internet banking, online SNS. Please read the iDEAL, the new digital pins.

PayPal (a division of eBay Inc.) is an online payment service that lets you pay on eBay and other online stores. But you can also with PayPal to transfer money online to friends and family, or received. PayPal has over 150 million accounts. You can pay from your bank or post office, credit card, or through the balance of your PayPal account. More information about PayPal, visit PayPal.

One time you link your bank account, or credit card to a PayPal account. PayPal transfers the money directly to the account of the seller. After that, the amount is automatically debited from your account. Your purchase can be so quickly sent to you. You do not need to deposit any money into your PayPal account. Balances on the PayPal account to be accessed easily refund to your bank. Your financial information is never disclosed to the vendor. Buyer and seller received immediately after any payment order from PayPal proof of payment in the inbox. If goods are not delivered, PayPal may mediate between the buyer and the seller.

It is free to open a PayPal account. With PayPal, you pay for free at many online stores at home and abroad. There are no extra charges, as sometimes other payment methods is the case.

There are other options for paying over the Internet. Above we have explained, however, the most common payment methods.

Main data is that all the information needed to pay for be encrypted via SSL (see explanation above). Safe and Secure !!!


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